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Message from the Head of Department

Dear Students/Applicants,

On behalf of the Faculty, staff and current students in the Department of Ergonomics, I welcome you to the School of Health at SUMS.

As a graduate student in our department, you will have an opportunity to broaden your knowledge and skills in the development, implementation, and evaluation of evidence-based interventions to promote working conditions. Faculty members in the department have diverse academic research interests encompass a broad array of important topics including, Physical ergonomics, Environmental ergonomics, Macro ergonomics, Cognitive ergonomics, Biomechanics, Job stress, Workload assessment techniques, etc. Faculty members in the department have supported research projects that provide opportunities for student involvement and participation.

After graduation, you will be capable to use your education to make an impact on working conditions improvement aging in a variety of settings including government agencies and private section, as well as Industrial enterprises, and academic institutions, among others.

We are here to facilitate your education and we look forward to working with you toward these targets.


Alireza Choobineh, PhD, MSc

Prof. and Department Head

Ergonomics department




Division of Ergonomics

The Department of Ergonomics was founded in 2006 and is now one of the basic science departments at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in the Health School. The department is in charge of instructing students in Ergonomics, Occupational Health and Physiotherapy. The Department of Ergonomics currently offers PhD and MSc programs of ergonomics and consists of 4 full-time faculty members. The faculties offer courses in fundamental and current topics in Ergonomics as well as provide opportunities for research in the general areas of Hardware Ergonomics, Environmental Ergonomics, Cognitive Ergonomics and Macro Ergonomics. Currently, the department has 14 M.Sc. students.

It is worth mentioning, the license for the establishment of ergonomics PhD program was awarded by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education to SUMS in October 2015.

Objectives and Activities

Education objectives

Training of skilled and specialized human resources who can:

·         Identify ergonomics risk and work-related risk factors.

·         Provide appropriate solutions to match jobs, tools, instruments, environment and system to physical and mental capabilities of people.

·         Prepare the ground to achieve optimal productivity.

Research objectives

·         Provide initiative, fundamental and applied projects in the field of hardware ergonomics, environmental ergonomics, cognitive ergonomics, macro ergonomics, musculoskeletal disorder risk factors, design of tools, devices and workstations in order to improve working conditions. Also, expansion and development of human knowledge in the fields mentioned.

Education activities

·         Theoretical and practical teaching of MSc and PhD programs of Ergonomics.

·         Theoretical and practical teaching of BS, MSc and PhD programs of occupational health.

·         Conduct training courses in industries.

Research activities

Conduct applied research in the following domains:

·         Job stress and its relation to occupational diseases and accidents.

·         Risk factors of work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

·         Ergonomic assessment of workplace.

·         Posture analysis methods.

·         Ergonomic design of workstation, hand tools and instruments.

·         Effects of shift work on workforce health.

·         Physical and psychosocial stresses in the workplace.

·         Matching work system with human characteristics.

·         Ergonomics interventions in the workplace.

·         Physical work capacity (PWC) and its dependent variables.

·         Ergonomic risk factors in small industries.

·         Macro ergonomic analysis and design of work system.

·         Developing instruments to measure variables related to macro ergonomics and organizational safety.

·         Participatory ergonomics.

·         Cognitive ergonomics.




Academic Members

Name and Official Photo

Scientific Degree

Areas of Interests

Résumé & Contact Info.

دکتر علیرضا چوبینه
 Alireza Choobineh


- Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders

- Work Physiology

- Workstation Design

- Job Stress

- Shift work

- Product Ergonomics



Mohsen Razeghi

Associate Professor

- Biomechanics

- Work Physiology



Zahra Zamanian

Associate Professor

- Environmental ergonomics


 Reza Kazemi

Assistant Professor

- Human performance assessment

- Cognitive ergonomics and cognitive engineering

- Human error and human reliability assessment

- Environment ergonomics


Hamidreza Mokarami

Assistant Professor

- Macro ergonomic analysis and design of work system processes

- Participatory ergonomics

- Designing and developing organizational ergonomics and safety instruments

- Developing and evaluating ergonomics interventions that are addressed psychosocial risk factors





Academic Staff

Name and Official Photo

Tel. Info.

Areas of Services


Hadi Daneshmandi


Researcher Assistant, Educational Assistant, Laboratory Expert

Mohammad Esmaeili


Administration affairs

Mojgan Zoaktafi


Laboratory Expert


Laboratories & Facilities

·         Ergonomics Laboratory

·         Masters and PhD room


Educational Programs

1.      Undergraduate Study :

Program Name

Academic Assistant

Study Period

Eligible Disciplines for Application








Post Graduate Study

2.      Msc-Programs & Courses:

Program Name

Academic Assistant

Study Period in Academic Year

Eligible Disciplines for Application


Alireza Choobineh


Bachelor of: Occupational Health Engineering, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Technical Orthopedics, Industrial Engineering, Information Technology Engineering, Industrial Design, Industrial Management, Mechanical Engineering, Design Technology and Industrial design Engineering, Psychology, Industrial Safety, Physics, Medical Engineering, Nursing, Anesthetic, Operating Room



3.      Phd- Programs & Courses:

Program Name

Academic Assistant

Study Period in Academic Year

Eligible Disciplines for Application


Alireza Choobeneh


Master of: Ergonomics, Industrial Safety Industrial Design, Health and Safety and Environmental Management (HSE), Occupational Health Engineering, Medical Engineering (All Trends).



PhD Candidates

Name And Official


Areas Of Interests

Resume & Contact Info .

Milad Gholami

Alireza Choobineh

- Physical Ergonomics

- Anthropometry

- Environmental Ergonomics

Reza Kalantari

Alireza Choobineh

- Team work

- Non-technical skills

- Hand tool design

- Performance

Akramsadat Jafari

Alireza Choobineh

- Shift work

- Cognitive Ergonomics

- Ergonomic design

Zeinab Rasooli-Kahaki

Alireza Choobineh

- Biomechanics

- Anthropometry

- Posture Assessment

Somaye Tahernejad

Alireza Choobineh

- Physical Ergonomics

- Anthropometry

- Ergonomic tool design

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