Master Graduated Students

1-       Hadi Daneshmandi
Thesis:Extermination of maximum aerobic capacity (VO2-max) and determination of its associated factors in industrial sector workers of Shiraz city, 2010.
2-       Farshad Arghavani
Thesis:Association between schoolbag carriage and musculoskeletal pain in guidance school students in Shiraz city in Iran 2010.
3-       Mostafa Barzideh
Thesis:Assessment of job stress dimensions based on the demand-control-support model and its relationship with general health and musculoskeletal disorders in hospitals nurses of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, 2011.
4-       Alireza Zamanian
Thesis:Assessment of the effect for occupational noise exposure on human performance in manual activity.
5-       Hamidreza Babaei
Thesis:Designing, development and evaluation of an ergonomic chair for Iranian dentists to improve posture, increase comfort and function and decrease discomfort.
6-       Alireza Besharati
Thesis:Assessment of manual material lifting and compression of tow training intervention methods for improvement of working conditions in a Porcelain production industry.
7-       Asghar Nikravesh
Thesis:Assessment of the effect of short-term exposure with vibration in different acceleration and frequencies of 3-7 hz on some cognitive parameters.
8-       Naser Dehghan
Thesis: Ergonomic Design and Evaluation of Computer Mouse to Enhance User Comfort and Improve its Performance Indicators
9-       Bahareh Golaghaei
Thesis: Comparison of effect of a common education intervention and education intervention with using an ergonomic supporter (Ergo Play) on correction of posture and musculoskeletal disorders in classical guitar students.
10-   Hamid Salmani Nodooshan
Thesis: Designing, Fabrication and Evaluation of A Patient Transfer Aid System from Bed to Stretcher and Vice Versa to Increase Comfort and Improve Functional Properties from “Users and Clients” Viewpoint, Shiraz, 2013.
11-   Najmeh Kargar
Thesis:Assessment of posture and computer user comfort while using touchscreens as compared with mouse-keyboard and touch pad-keyboard.
12-   Shaghayegh Koohi
Thesis: Designing, fabrication and evaluation an ergonomic insole to correct foot posture in pregnant women, Shiraz, 2015.
13-   Marjan Kiani
Thesis:Effect of ergonomic intervention on successful breastfeeding.
Current Student

14-   Maryam Rafiei
Thesis:Design, fabrication and evaluation of appropriate lift aid for climbing palm tree to enhance efficiency and users safety and comfort.
15-   Adibeh Abdi
Thesis:Designing, producing and assessing surgeons seat to enhance comfort, improve working posture and reduce musculoskeletal pain.
16-   Elham Salvarzi
Thesis:Design, fabrication and evaluation of a half-mask face piece for Fars province male workers.
17-   Toktam Balandeh
Thesis:Ergonomic design, development and evaluation of microscope workstation to reduce musculoskeletal loads in users.
18-   Jamileh Javdani
Thesis:Investigating the relationship of quality of work life with mental workload among offshore and day work employees in Jam petrochemical firm in 2015.
19-   Meisam Mortazavi
Thesis:Investigation of the relationship between job stress and cognitive failures on adverse events among nurses in general SUMS hospitals of Shiraz city, 2015.
20-   Yoosef Hasanshahi
Thesis:Not defined.
21-   Zahra momeni
Thesis:Not defined.
22-   Ameneh Hoseini
Thesis:Not defined.
23-   Zahra Khosravi
Thesis:Not defined.
24-   Ali Shabani
Thesis: Not defined.
25-   Elahe Sadat Moosavi
Thesis:Not defined.

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