Laboratory and facilities:


In addition to having access to all research and teaching facilities of school, students have access to the following specific facilities of the department


·         Laboratory of Physical Factors (Acoustic Lab, Noise and Vibration Lab, Heating and Humidity Lab)

·         Laboratory of Chemical Agents (Air sampling Lab)

·         Instrumental Analysis Laboratory (Gas Chromatograph, Atomic Adsorptions, Spectrophotometer, Flam Photometer, etc)

·         Industrial Safety Laboratory and workshop (Fire Safety Lab, Personal Protective Equipment Lab, Electrical Safety Lab, Construction Safety  Lab)

·         Ergonomics Lab (Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing System, Pulsimeter, Ergocycle)

·         Laboratory of Industrial Ventilation

·         Toxicology laboratory

·         Laboratory of Occupational Medicine (Audiometry, Spirometry and Optometry)

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