Educational goals:

T0 educate experts and instructors whose main aim is health planning ”implementation of plans”control  and surveillances through out county.

To make knowledged and innovative health   instructors   in health system who are able of epidemiologic analysis of the problems and needs of the health system in the area of their competances and come through with the appropriated solution.

To make experts whome are by making public education  able to change the wrong way of  health attitude in board population  and help making solutions.

Empowering educators and community health workers in community education.


Research purposes:

1· Implementation of research projects in the field of health services management system (HSR)

2. Determine the health needs of the society (especially vulnerable groups) and prioritization

3· Training vulnerable to risky behaviors and unhygiennic

4· Evaluation of health programs running in the health system

5· Basic and applied research in the field of education community in the health system

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